DT11 Forum Community Partnership

Draft Interim Constitution – for approval


  1. 1.    Name

The name of the group shall be the DT11 Forum Community Partnership, hereafter referred to as the DT11 Forum.

  1. 2.    Aims

The aims of the DT11 Forum shall be:

  1. to be an area voice for community planning by involving a wide range of partners from the community, voluntary and charity sector, local councils and communities of interest who live and or work in the towns or parishes of the DT11 postcode area, hereafter referred to as the Area;
  2. to pursue any activities or initiatives approved by the DT11 Forum that promotes the social, economic or environmental well-being of the Area;
  3. to ensure that the views of disadvantaged or under-represented groups are included in decision making or activities or projects undertaken by the DT11 Forum as far as possible
  4. to establish a charitable company limited by guarantee within 3 years.
  5. 3.    Powers

To further the aims the DT11 Forum, its officers, members, volunteers and staff may exercise the power to:

  1. Promote the social, economic and environmental well-being and health of the residents of the Area by working in partnership with other groups or organisations;
  2. Be responsible for updating the DT11 Forum Community Action Plan on an annual basis in conjunction with North Dorset District Council.
  3. Act as a key contact and forum for organisations, voluntary groups, charities individuals or other statutory and non-statutory bodies for information exchange and networking, and undertake consultation on issues affecting the Area, its communities, environment or economic viability or resilience;
  4. Promote and publicise the work of the DT11 Forum and organise formal and informal, meetings, training courses, events or seminars etc. on issues that affect the Area;
  5. To represent the DT11 Forum at a strategic level by participating in the Community Partnership Executive in North Dorset (CPEND)
  6. Establish working groups from within the membership and or in partnership with other groups, organisations, charities, local councils and statutory or non-statutory bodies to undertake projects or initiatives that further the well-being of the Area;
  7. Encourage community or voluntary groups, local councils and charities to become members of the DT11 Forum and actively participate in volunteering in the DT11 Forum’s projects and those of the member organisations;
  8. Invite and receive contributions or grants, and raise funds where appropriate, to finance the work of the DT11 Forum.
  9. Manage North Dorset District Council’s staff who are seconded to the DT11 Forum (who shall not be members of the management committee) and volunteers as necessary to conduct the activities to meet the Aims of the DT11 Forum
  10. Nominate and mandate representatives of the DT11 Forum to join various outside bodies or groups when required. These representatives will report on the outcomes of the attended meetings to the DT11 Forum with a written or verbal report;
  11. Make agendas and minutes, reports or other information on the activities of the DT11 Forum or its working groups, available to all residents in the Area, as long as the information is not commercially confidential;
  12. Maintain a Community Office, with the support of a Community Resource Worker(s) (CReW) and volunteers
  13. Take any form of action that is lawful, which will achieve the Aims of the DT11 Forum
  14. 4.    Members

Membership of the DT11 Forum shall be open to;

  1. Representatives from community or voluntary groups, charities, local councils or other communities of interest, who operate within the DT11 postcode area and are willing to adhere to the rules or policies of the DT11 Forum


And in order to allow future development of the DT11 Forum it will be open to:



  1. any individual who has an interest in assisting the DT11 Forum to achieve its Aims, and is willing to adhere to the rules or policies of the DT11 Forum, and who;

i.    Lives or works within the DT11 postcode area; or

ii.    Volunteers for, or participates in, any project, working group or initiative undertaken by the DT11 Forum.

The DT11 Forum will maintain a register of Membership which shall be publicly available.


Ceasing to be a member

Any member may resign their membership by providing written notice to the management committee and their details will be removed from the register.


  1. 5.    Equal Opportunities

The DT11 Forum will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

The DT11 Forum has an adopted formal policy in support of Equal Opportunities as part of its governance.


  1. 6.    Committee and Officers
    1. All officers will be members of the DT11 Forum
    2. Principal officers’ roles will be;

i.        Chairman

ii.        Vice Chairman

iii.        Treasurer

  1. Additional officers may be recruited as necessary to carry out specific activities.
  2. The business of the DT11 Forum will be administered by a management committee of not less than three (3) people and no more than nine (9)                            people. The committee will consist of the officers of the DT11 Forum and if there are less than nine officers for the DT11 Forum, other members of the DT11 Forum may stand for election or be co-opted at the discretion of the committee.
  3. Members of the committee will be elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected at the AGM.

The duties of the management committee shall be;

i.        To oversee the management and ensure the efficiency and responsiveness of the DT11 Forum Community Partnership

ii.        Recommend priorities for activities

iii.        Guide the work programme of the DT11 Forum

iv.        Assess projects arising from the Action Plan (attached) or identified by members of the DT11 Forum, and, subject to capacity,  recommend how they may be delivered through the DT11 Forum or referred on to other more appropriate organisations;

v.        To meet a minimum of 4 times a year

vi.        Compile agenda items, reports or other papers for DT11 Forum meetings

  1. 7.    Meetings

DT11 Forum meetings

  1. All DT11 Forum meetings will be open to the public and will be held every at least every four (4) months and advertised locally.
  2. Meetings will be held within the DT11 area
  3. Members will be sent agendas and papers electronically, at least seven (7) days in advance.
  4. Administration of DT11 Forum meetings including the recording of minutes, will be provided a Community Resource Worker
  5. The quorum for a meeting will be 10% of the membership or 10 members (whichever is the lesser)
  6. All meetings will be recorded with minutes and these will be circulated and be publicly available

Annual General Meeting

  1. An Annual General meeting will be held within 15 months of the previous AGM
  2. All members will be notified at least 21 days before the meeting, giving date, venue and time.
  3. Nominations for the roles of officers and or the management committee may be made before or at the meeting.
  4. Resolutions for the AGM must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the AGM
  5. A quorum at the AGM will be 10% of the membership or 10 members (whichever is the lesser)

At the AGM;

i.        The Chairman will present the annual report

ii.        The Treasurer will present the annual accounts

iii.        The officers and committee will be elected for the next year

iv.        Constitutional amendments and resolutions or items for discussion previously submitted for inclusion will be dealt with.


Special General Meetings (SGM)

  1. The Chairman can call a Special General Meeting at the request of the majority of the management committee or if a request is received in writing signed by least eight (8) members, stating the reason for the request.
  2. The (SGM) will take place within 21 working days of receipt of the request.
  3. Members will be given 2 weeks’ notice of a SGM, giving the venue, date and time and the agenda for the meeting.


  1. 8.    Rules of procedure for all meetings
    1. Decisions at meetings shall be made by a simple majority vote.
    2. Only members in attendance at meeting will be eligible to vote. Where a representative of an organisation is unable to attend a nominated deputy representing that organisation may vote on behalf of that organisation.
    3. Each member will have a single vote
    4. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman will have an additional casting vote.
    5. 9.    Finances
      1. A bank account will be opened in the name of the DT11 Forum and administered on behalf of the DT11 Forum by the management committee.
      2. Three (3) cheque signatories will be nominated by the Committee and any two (2) of these must sign every cheque. Signatories must not be related or from the same household.
      3. Any income / expenditure shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer who will be accountable to ensure funds are utilised effectively and that the DT11 Forum stays within budget
      4. Official accounts shall be maintained and will be examined annually by an independent accountant who is not a member of the DT11 Forum
      5. A financial statement will be made at every Forum meeting and an annual financial report will be presented to the AGM.
      6. The DT11 Forum’s accounting year will run from 1st April to 31st March


10. Amendments to constitution

  1. Any amendments to the constitution may only be made at the AGM or a Special General Meeting
  2. Any proposal to amend the constitution must be notified to the Chairman in writing and the proposal circulated with the notice of the meeting.


11. Dissolution

  1. The DT11 Forum may be dissolved if it is deemed necessary by the members at a Special General Meeting
  2. Any assets or remaining funds after debts have been paid shall be returned to their providers or transferred to charities or similar groups at the discretion of the management committee.


This constitution was adopted at an AGM held at ………………………………………………………………


on ………………………………………………….




Signed  …………………………………………………. (Chairman)


Signed  ………………………………………………… (Vice Chairman)


Signed ………………………………………………… (Treasurer)


Signed  ………………………………………………