Blandford Town Team

Aims of the Town Team

  • To support the development and enhancement of a vibrant town centre with its unique Georgian heritage, supported by our community spirit, the wonderful local countryside and River Stour, profitable and attractive businesses and interesting tourist attractions in and around the Town.
  • The benefit will be for those who live, shop, work, have local businesses and visit Blandford.

The Town Team priorities are:-

  • Identity
  • Tourism
  • Culture
  • Market
  • Facilities
  • Traffic and Signage

Town Team Civic Briefing 21st April 2016

Please follow the links below to see details of the Civic Briefing and Retail Survey

20160421 Civic Briefing and Retail survey 201312

Civic Briefing less retail survey 20160421

Town Team Project Update October 2015

Town Team Project Update Oct 15 Minutes – 29.10.15

Latest News September 2016

On Thursday 24th September we held a very lively Town Team Civic Open meeting.  Please follow the link below to access the minutes.


Pedestrianiasation in Blandford Forum

Simon Ible put together a number of traffic flow and pedestrianisation options for Blandford before leaving the Town Team – please access the following link – 20140812_TownTrafficOptions. These have been discussed in the DT11 Transport Action Group (TAG).  The TAG favours partial pedestrianisation of the Market Place – allowing buses to continue to use East Street and turning all other traffic up Sheep Market Hill and making Whitecliff Mill Street 2 way down as far as the doctors’ surgeries.  These suggestions have no authority.  All options should be examined equally to obtain a majority view from the Town Team and the Blandford + Group before putting a proposal to the Town Council and conducting a wider public consultation.

Signage and Fingerpost Project

Nic recently gave a presentation to Blandford Forum Town Council  regarding signage and pedestrianisation.  Please click on the following link to see what he had to say….

20150907_DT11_RRSignage_BFTC_Presentation (2)


Please access the link below to read the report being submitted to the Town and General Purposed Committee meeting on the 14th September 2015 where they will consider proposals from the Town Team regarding finger posts and information boards in Blandford Forum.

Fingerpost Report to TGP September 2015

Below is an email sent to Blandford Form Town Council and The Rangers:-

Dear Linda (and Graham),

We briefed the TT on Thursday evening on the outcome of our meeting.  Changes include support for our view that a finger arm for  ‘Town Centre when Nightingale Court Closed’ is essential on the finger post in the Langton Road long stay car park.  They were very clear that the map is the wrong place to put this information.

A finger arm for the Trailway is also required on this finger post.  (We will seek separate DCC signage to sign the Trailway route between the Station Court car park and the Arches, and from the Arches on to lower Blandford St Mary.) Graham – we need to meet.

I was personally surprised that the team said ‘otters’ should not be included on finger arms.  They think it’s misleading! They support ‘nature area’ or similar.  I will check with the Rangers for appropriate wording. Graham – please comment.

Best wishes

Chair, Town Team



Townscape Quote Report (18) (1) 20150608_

TGPMinutes 20150525_



Blandford Town Team Survey Results

Please click on the links below:-

Town Team Survey 2014          2014 Town Team Survey Free Text Results

Please see below a message from David Rose, Vice Chair of the Town Team –

The Blandford Town Team undertook to forward you the Town Team survey results. I enclose the presentation and the free text results.  I would ask that those who invited the attendees to pass them on.

I hope you find it informative and useful in formulating any policy options you are considering.

There is no restriction in using the information provided – indeed we want it used and passed on. Please upload it onto your web-sites.

I would like to thank Peter for all his hard work in the preparation and presentation of the survey. And, to Hugh for sorting out the venue – and the IT.

It was disappointing that there were no DCC/ NDDC portfolio officers in attendance. And, very disappointing that the Dorset Waste Partnership did not attend – they in particular need to read this.

There will be an article in the next Forum Focus. Traci/ Peter and I will consider how and when we do a public briefing on the results. David Rose sent on behalf of the Blandford Town Team re’s a note from David Rose, Vice Chair from the Town Team

Town Team Documents

The Town Team Action Plan

Click on the following link to access the action plan – 20141010 – Blandford-Town Team-Action Plan-V11

The Town Team Terms of Reference

Click on the following link to access the terms of reference – Blandford Town Team Terms of Ref -Jun 14 v4

Town Team Marketing Thoughts and Action Plan

Blandford TT Marketing thoughts


Town Team Minutes

Town Team Minutes 30.6.16

Town Team minutes 25.2.16

Town Team Minutes 28.1.16

Town Team Minutes 26.11.15

Minutes – 29.10.15

20150730 – Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team meeting minutes

Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team meeting minutes-23 Apr15

Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team meeting minutes-26 Feb 15

Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team Minutes-22 Jan 15

Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team meeting minutes-20 Nov14

Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team meeting minutes-Oct14

Blandford-Town Centre-Town Team Minutes-11 Sept14

Other Town Team Related Documents:-

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