North Dorset Trailway and Trailway Economic Growth Project (TEGP)

North Dorset Trailway Status as of July 2015

The North Dorset Trailway (the Trailway) is an all weather traffic free facility along the disused Dorset & Somerset railway line that is open to the public for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. It currently runs continuously for 12 kms between Sturminister Newton and Blandford. There is a route from Blandford , across the River Stour and the by pass to join up with the final sections to Spetisbury.

Negotiations are in hand to extend the Trailway south as far as Sturminster Marshall  and northwards from Sturminister to Stalbridge.

The latest movement figures show 90k visits from Sturminister and 110k visits from the Blandford end. This demonstrates just how important the Trailway is for the local population.

The Trailway is much more than a nice place to walk or ride. It is attracting an increasing number of visitors from outside the area. This has had a positive effect on the local tourism spend.

In 2011 DT11 commissioned a study from Bournemouth University to gauge the economic impact the Trailway was having on the local community. Bournemouth University have since been asked to quote for a further study to follow on from their 2011 report.

In 2014 the North Dorset Local Action Group – NDLAG – put in a bid for the latest round of LEADER funding. It was successful and was awarded some £1.5m  over the next 5 years. DT11 formed the Trailway Economic Growth Project to develop projects that would be suitable for LEADER funding. The TEGF will act as the overarching umbrella project and will support a number of smaller separate projects. Regrettably, for a number of reasons, DEFRA has not yet finalised the criteria that all projects have meet so this programme is currently on hold. It is expected to go live in late summer.

In early June, DT11 was approached by Deanne Tremlett who works for Visual Arts and Makers Project – VAMP – which is part of the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership – DLEP. Deanne has been looking for project to support and was very excited by the  TEGP. After a number of exploratory meetings in June DT11 was asked whether it was in a position to submit an outline proposal by the end of June. With the help of a number of key contributors, DT11 met the deadline and submitted the proposal attached to this document.

This document, which should be considered very much as an initial proposal, sets out in broad brush strokes the vision the DT11, the North Dorset Trailway group, Sturquest and NDDC have for Trailway area.

We have not yet received any feed back as to whether or proposal has met with approval or not but we do expect to hear shortly.

Steve Adamson

Project Team Leader


6th July 2015

VAMP PROJECT INITIATIVE template three (2)

Update regarding DT11’s application to the Growth Deal Fund for the

Trailway Economic Growth Project (TEGP)

We’re very pleased that our initial application submitted in July was met with enthusiasm and we were invited to submit an Outline Business Case and Expression of Interest for funding from the Growth Deal Fund.  This was submitted on the 20th August and we wait with bated breath!  Please see documents below:-

TEGP DLEP-Priority-Project-Refresh-Outline-Business-Case


North Dorset Trailway website
In November 2010, the latest section of the North Dorset Trailway was launched – from Shillingstone to Stourpaine (see photos below). Walkers, cyclists and horse riders can now travel between Stourpaine and Sturminster. There are three other sections of the Trailway currently open- at Stalbridge, Blandford, and between Blandford-St-Mary and Spetisbury. The next stage will be to open up the route all the way from Blandford to Sturminster.

The DT11 Forum recently secured funding for some ‘outdoor gym’ equipment to be installed along the Trailway, for runners and walkers.

DT11 in conjunction with the North Dorset Trailway Network initiated an economic survey with Bournemouth University.

Click here to download the Impact Analysis of the North Dorset Trailway 2012 report.

(This survey is the intellectual property of the North Dorset Trailway Network and cannot be printed without the permission of NDTN).

Martha on Stourpaine bridge for web horse at Trailway launch

Stourpaine bridge launch group for web Trailway launch cyclists

Trailway Map

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